Director of Early Childhood Programs, Washea Jackson

      Director of Early Childhood Programs

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Education Specialist in Special Educational Leadership
Master of Education in Educational Leadership
Wayne State University

July 2012

Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to high quality early childhood education. Your child will be nurtured, loved and encouraged to learn through hands-on" Active Participatory Learning. Oxford Early Learning Center adopted High Scope as its early childhood curriculum. In conjunction, Oxford Early Learning Center is an International Baccalaureate candidate, which is a perfect marriage with the High Scope Curriculum.

Within our curriculum, our classrooms offer inquiry-based learning in an exploratory program. Children use classroom materials to investigate,discover and learn. Additionally, the role of the teachers is to foster children's learning by engaging them in play, which is based on the children’s interests and the High Scope Key Developmental Indicators. The key developmental indicators are 58 key experiences necessary to the development of every child.

Throughout our program teachers hold meaningful conversations in English, Spanish, and Chinese. This communication opportunity forms authentic relationships with the students, their families, and the community. As communication is modeled students learn to utilize words to negotiate and problem solve.

High Scope conducted various research studies, which corroborates that this innovative curriculum continues to prepare students in the following developmental domains:

·      Approaches to Learning: A focus on initiative, planning, engagement, problem solving, using resources and reflection 

·     Social and Emotional Development: A focus on self-identity: sense of competence, emotions, empathy, community and building relationships, and cooperative play, moral development and conflict resolution

·     Physical Development and Health: A focus on gross-motor skills,fine-motor skills, body awareness, personal care and healthy behavior

·     Language, Literacy, and Communication: A focus on comprehension,speaking, vocabulary, phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge,reading, concepts about print, book knowledge, writing, and ELL/dual language acquisition

·     Mathematics: A focus on number words and symbols, counting, part-whole relationships, shapes, spatial awareness, measuring, unit, patterns and data analysis

·      Creative Arts: A focus on art, music, movement, pretend play and an appreciation of the arts

·     Science and Technology: A focus on observing, classifying,experimenting, predicting, drawing conclusions, communicating ideas,natural and physical world and the use of tools and technology

·      Social Studies: A focus on diversity, community roles, decision making, geography, history, and ecology 

In using this world-renowned, researched, and validated curriculum Oxford Early Learning Center will prepare students for a global society while preserving their rich cultural heritage, enabling them to be the next generation of future leaders of the world.